If you are wondering: Do I need a new car for my Greyhound?

The short answer is: NO!

The long answer is: You probably will be getting a new one nevertheless!

Some people say that Greyhounds are not expensive, just all the expenses that will follow can be a lot!

In our case, we donated 300€ to the Greyhound rescue agency and paid 10.000€ for a new car shortly after 🙂

This must not be the case for you and your dog but chances are pretty good that you will choose your next car by its Greyhound compatibility. You might also decide that you need a new car much earlier than anticipated before getting your new furry friend.

Penny is excited to go on a trip in our car →

Happy dog in a car

Even the smallest car will do if necessary!

Don’t worry: Even if you only have a small car you still can have Greyhounds!

If necessary they can squeeze into small spaces and might have to lean or sleep on each other.

This is no big deal if you don’t have to drive very far.


If Patch takes up to much space, he must do as a pillow for Penny →


2 Greyhounds sleeping in a car

Some other breeds might sit on the back seat and only use up very little space. Not such much our beloved Greyhounds. They love to lie down if they realize that this might be a longer journey. So you might find yourself looking for a long distance compatible car very soon.

If they get the chance to put their nose outside of the windows, they will most certainly do so.

Just make sure not to overdo it, you don’t want them to get conjunctivitis.




Patch and Penny love to put their heads out of the window whenever they can →


1. How to make your trunk doggie proof?

Our goal was to make the car comfortable for the dog but also protect the car so we can resell it one day.

Luckily there are great products that help you achieve just that!

We made very good experiences with cargo liners for the trunk of our car. As we want to make sure that our skinny friends rest really comfortably, we usually put a blanket or a thin sheet of matress foam underneath the cargo liner. You know how skinny Greys are, so they like a padded surface.

We also like to put a big blanket on top, which makes it so much easier to keep things clean, especially with muddy or sandy paws.

Cargo Liner for Dogs, Waterproof

Our favorite Cargo Liner on Amazon

Cargo Liner for Dogs, Waterproof

SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs, Waterproof

  •  Universal Fit: This cargo cover for dogs measures 55*91 inch, fits full-size /mid-size / compact SUV, compact crossover, minivan, sedan. Foldable to adjust its size to fit specific vehicles
  • Extra Large Non-Slip Net: Textured 45*54 inch anti slip rubber backing (Twice as much as the average product) for more stability, no worries about quick turns and speed bumps; No Color Bleeding
  • Waterproof Cargo Liner: 4 water-resistant layers quilted, WATERPROOF and protects your car seat from pet dander, hair, spills, oders, mud and water; Easy to clean just by wiping away dirt or vacuuming, washable

This is what our installed cargo liner looks like before putting some blankets on top.

This always kept our car pretty clean and we’re very happy so far.

As we are having two Greys in the trunk, we also moved the rear seats as far to the frost as possible and folded the backrest a bit. We then also made sure the cargo net is up, so the dogs are contained to the trunk in case of strong breakings or things like that.

2. How to make your backseat doggie proof

If you want your Greyhound to go on the backseat, you will soon find out, that it won’t sit there on its butt as some dogs do in commercials. Most Greyhounds don’t like to sit and even if they do, they won’t for long.

Greyhounds like to lie down and the rear seat might not be wide enough, plus you don’t want your dog to slip off the seat if you need to brake hard.

Hammock for Dogs 

This is why we got a dog hammock which – like the cargo liner above – is easily made more comfortable and simpler to clean with some soft blankets on top.

This will not only protect the interior of the car from dirt, it will also prevent the dog from sliding off the seat. In our case, we put some empty plastic boxes into the rear leg space which prevents our dog from sliding back and forth and maybe even into the rear leg space. On long trips, these boxes can easily be filled with things that need to be transported, so the room is not wasted.

Hammock for Dogs Backseat Protection

Our favorite Backseat Car Hammock on Amazon

Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Nonslip Hammock for Dogs Backseat Protection Against Dirt and Pet Fur Durable Pets Seat Covers for Trucks & SUVs (XL Black)

Backseat Hammock for Dogs

  • DIRT BARRIER, COMFORT LAYER – Four different layers create an impenetrable waterproof barrier between your seats and mud, water or fur while your pet will feel as comfort as sleeping in his kennel pad.
  • IT WILL FIT – Active Pets dog seat covers especially designed so it’ll fit every truck’s or SUV’s backseats. Maximum open size (60″ x 64”).
  • EASY TO CLEAN MATERIALS – Crafted with a top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating your seats will remain clean no matter what. 

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