You are adopting a Greyhound and want to be prepared for the big days?
These are the most important items to buy before the Grey arrives:

  • Beds

    • your Grey will be happy to have different beds in different rooms, of course you can start with one)
    • portable bed for travel or when e.g. in the office, restaurants, etc.
  • Bowls

    • Elevated bowls are a good choise
    • for Water (multiple are a good thing if you have the space)
    • for food
    • Stainless steel is advised as it cleans very good and no microplastics will end up in the food)
  • Collars

  • Harness

    • Especially in the beginning the new dog might scare easily and sometimes can slip out of their collar. A harness is a good alternative for such times. Many people put on both during special times like wthen dogs are new, very nervous or fireworks might be happening
  • Leashes

    • Multiple ones are advised
  • Name tags with your contact information

  • Muzzle

  • Dog


    • Try to find out how the dog was fed before and have something similar at hand. Maybe later you can try if other food is better suited for the dog and you like raw meat, etc.
  • Treats

    • Try to find treats that contain as little unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. We like to feed dried beef stripes, like jerky but not flavored or conserved.
  • Brush / gloves

  • Poop bags

  • Toys

  • Clothing

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Nail trimming equipment

    • Clippers or
    • Dremel
  • First aid kit

    • Wound disinfectant
    • Self stick wrap
    • Ticks remover
  • Doggie proof your car

  • Greyhound literature

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