The 10 best Greyhounds books for beginners to long-time Greyhound owners. Recommended by experienced Sighthound owners.

Finding good books about Greyhounds can be hard, we want to help you!

Greyhounds are different from other dogs in many ways but not in every way.

So our goal is to show you books that concentrate on these Greyhound-centered issues like blood work, heat, and cold, exhaustion, etc. but also issues that are the same for pretty much all dogs like behavior and psychology.

No matter if you are a new or an experienced Greyhound owner, we’re optimistic that you will find books that will be beneficial for you and your 4-legged friend.

Our favorite Greyhound books on Amazon

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Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound

  • CARE OF THE RACING & RETIRED GREYHOUND by Linda L. Blythe, DVM, PhD; James R. Gannon, AM, BVSc, FACVSc; A. Morrie Craig, PhD; Desmond P. Fegan, MVB, MRCVS
  • CARE OF THE RACING & RETIRED GREYHOUND is an updated companion to the authors’ first book, CARE OF THE RACING GREYHOUND. These four top veterinary experts write from vast experience with the breed, and their new book has been expanded to be over 25% larger with many new illustrations and photographs and added material. Here you will find highly detailed information on just about every medical condition a Greyhound is likely to experience–from track injuries to congenital defects, and from medication to metabolism—even  includes information on geriatric problems.
  • Anyone who owns a Greyhound, a sight hound, or any athletic dog will benefit from the knowledge presented in this text.  And how about giving one to your vet? Your vet AND your dog will thank you for it!
  • Softcover: 462 pages
  • Publisher: American Greyhound Council, Inc. (First Edition 2007)
  • Language: English
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Adopting the Racing Greyhound

  • The first edition of this book was responsible for inspiring tens of thousands of people to adopt ex-racers.
  • Now, this fully updated edition features groundbreaking veterinary information not available anywhere else.
  • Greyhound authority Cynthia Branigan–who has placed over 4,000 Greyhounds through her organization–offers updated statistics on the costs involved with adopting as well as new health information, such as warnings about tick-borne diseases and suggestions on buying veterinary insurance.
  • Branigan carefully explains how to care for a Greyhound–everything from feeding and grooming to training–and how to extend the dog’s life span.
  • Readers will also find a wealth of updated information on medical conditions in Greyhounds and the latest in tests and treatment.
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Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies

“The next best thing to having an experienced Greyhound owner living with you.”
―Joan Belle Isle, President, Greyhound Project

“Anyone who reads this book and follows its guidance will have a happier, healthier dog and be a happier, more relaxed dog owner.”
―Hal and Karen Hawley, Greyhound Friends Northwest

The Greyhound has been celebrated in song and legend for thousands of years. Nowadays, Greyhounds are bred almost exclusively for racing. In the bad old days, prior to the 1980s, dogs that didn’t make the grade at the track, and those past their primes, were destroyed. According to official estimates, 60,000 of these noble, mild-mannered dogs were destroyed each year! Fortunately, a number of organizations now exist devoted to rescuing these unwanted dogs and placing them in good homes.

Thinking about adopting a retired racing Greyhound? Or maybe you’re already sharing your life with one of these charming animals. Either way, this friendly guide tells you everything you need to know to:

    • Understand the Greyhound personality
    • Find a retired racing Greyhound to adopt
    • Choose the right ex-racer for you and your family
    • Educate yourself and your retired racer
    • Give your new pal the diet and exercise it needs
    • Keep your dog healthy and happy for years to come

Our favorite general dog books on Amazon

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Dogs Never Lie About Love

Americans have an intense love for their dogs: thirty-five percent of American households owned a dog in 1994, representing a dog population of more than 52 million.  “It hardly seems worth asking the question of why we love them,” writes noted psychoanalyst Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. “We love dogs because they love us, unconditionally.  No matter how we treat them, what we do to them, how little attention we pay to them, they are eager to please us, eager to be with us.”  In Dogs Never Lie About Love, the New York Times best-selling author of When Elephants Weep shifts his attention from the jungle to the living room to explore the exotic and unchartered territory of dog emotion.

Why do dogs bark?
Why don’t cats and dogs “fight like cats and dogs”?
Do some dogs commit suicide from despair?  

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Energy Healing for Dogs

Imagine a gentle, non-invasive healing method that can address pain, injury and illness; speed recovery after surgery; and have remarkable effects on fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, and trauma. Energy healing can do all this and more! Done on a regular basis, this safe, effective practice can help to keep dogs healthy and well-balanced. Anyone can learn energy healing. Through clear explanations and step-by-step exercises, you will soon be channeling life force energy through your hands to benefit dogs. You’ll learn to scan for problem areas; ease joint pain and reduce inflammation; treat illness; calm your dog; heal emotional issues with the heart center technique; and much more. Energy healing is simple, natural, and free, and is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the dogs you love.

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Help for Your Fearful Dog

Is your dog afraid of strangers? Would he rather hide than play with other dogs? Does he take cover at the sound of thunder, or cringe when you pick up a brush or nail clippers? Never fear! Whatever your dog is afraid of, this comprehensive guide to the treatment of canine anxiety, fears and phobias can help. Topics include learning how to read your dog’s stress signals; how your attitude affects your dog’s behavior; how to set up a Firm Foundation program at home; how to establish leadership so your dog will feel more secure; the influence of good nutrition and regular exercise on your dog’s fear issues; four essential skills to teach, and how to apply them in everyday life; and much more. Written by a professional trainer/behavior consultant of over 20 years who specializes in fear issues, the book includes easy-to-follow, step-by-step behavior modification programs that really work. 15 specific fears are addressed, including those of people, other dogs, sounds, touch, nail-clipping, riding in the car, and being left alone. Get advice on products and cutting-edge complementary therapies that can help to calm your cautious canine. Filled with photographs, illustrations, and over 400 pages of specific, immediately useful advice, written in a down-to-earth and humorous style.

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