Is it necessary to get a coat for my Greyhound? We often get this question from new Greyhound owners, the answer is a definite: It depends!


Greyhounds have shorter and thinner fur than many other breeds and hardly any subcutaneous fat. That’s great for racing as they will cool down quicker than other dogs. On the other hand that makes them more sensitive to the outside temperature.

In order to keep vital organs at a constant temperature their bodies have to work harder in winter. This also has consequences on their diet, exercise and danger of injuries.

They might be not as sensitive to cold as some believe, but you should be aware of this issue as they won’t be able to tell you once they get uncomfortable.

If a healthy adult greyhound has the opportunity to keep warm while running free and playing with other dogs they do not need any clothing, even in temperatures around 0°C / 35F.

Many Greyhounds lose fur once they move from a cooler climate to a region with a warmer climate and moving into a heated house also plays a role. So if your Greyhound has a thin coat, keep your eyes open for signs of freezing.

Our Greyhound Patch (see above) hardly ever needs a coat. Even in temperatures around 0°C / 35F it doesn’t seem to bother him. Our other Greyhound Penny lost quite a lot of fur when She moved in with us. The result was that she started shivering when temperatures dropped below 0° / 35F or if temperatures were slightly higher but there was a strong wind. So we made sure to get her a coat

Greyhound wearing a dog coat

 So if you take your Greyhound on leisurely walks on the leash or even strolling through town – depending on the outside temperature, a warming coat can be useful here and ensure that the bored Grey doesn’t have to freeze.

The same applies, by the way, when greyhounds have to wait in the car for a long time in winter – here the interior cools down very quickly. A “well dressed” Greyhound is sure to wait more comfortably.

Older or injured greyhounds who are no longer as agile also benefit from a coat in winter.
You can often see covered dogs at racing or coursing events. A coat to keep warm after warming up can be useful in very cool weather or long start delays. For the dog’s muscles, however, it is certainly better if they are heated by movement from the inside and not only from the outside through the coat. In addition, a sudden “temperature drop” caused by taking off the coat when the dog is completely “dressed” and warmed up immediately before the start is not really healthy for the muscles.
After each run, however, a coat is a good idea if the weather is appropriate to prevent cooling down when running.
What should I watch out for when getting dressed? Normal dog coats from pet shops often do not have the right fit for greyhounds. A coat specially made for greyhounds often fits much better, and also extends far enough down over the rear to warm the sensitive muscle groups on the thighs. A belly and breast flap also protects this sensitive region from drafts, but can cause hygiene problems when walking with males …
Fleece fabric has proven itself as a good material for pure warming coats, if the coat is also to be suitable for bad weather, water-repellent upper material is appropriate.

Another topic is rain and the issue if you should get a raincoat for your Greyhound.


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Greyhound wearing a blue coat

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