It can be difficult to find the right food bowls for Greyhounds

We tried out different kinds of bowls and stands until we found the kind that we think is best for our dogs in our house. In order to save you time and trouble, we put together the most common and practicle ones that we know of.


1. Elevated Food Bowls

So you have a dog which looks and moves ever so elegantly that you are starting to wonder if the plastic bowl you’re providing is good enough?

Let’s mind less about the material and more about a Greyhound’s pyhsique.

Due to their Giraffe-like necks there’s a good chance that eating and drinking from a floor level is not the most comfortable position for them.

Although it’s not scientifically proven that Sighthounds need to eat and drink from an elevated level, we decided – in our house – to take advantage of the given architecture. We put the water and food bowls on an elevated level where possible, just to make it more comfortable.

So far they have never complained 😉

Even when travelling – like here at a rest area on a long car trip – we try to put the bowls in a Greyhound friendly place or height →


Two dogs eating out of their bowls

Our favorite Elevated Dog Feeders on Amazon

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Cat/Dog Bowl

Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder with Stainless Steel Cat/Dog Bowl

  • True sizing: two large (6.25 cup/50 oz) bowls
  • #1 selling powder coated pet bowl
  • Nontoxic stainless steel construction
  • Chip, rust & fade resistant
  • Removable rattle-free rim
Elevated Dog Bowls

Elevated Stand with 2 Stainless Steel Bowls

  •  NECK AND JOINT PROTECTION: The elevated dog bowl stand is made from natural bamboo which are durable and long lasting, the elevated design can reduce more neck and joint pressure to protect your adorable friend.
  • EASY TO CLEAN:Stainless steel dog bowls are removable and easy to clean up with water, and just simply wipe the surface of the raised dog bowls clean.Tips:After the dog has finished eating, please wipe dry the dog food stand for better maintenance.
  • 2 PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS:The stainless steel has been the material of choice for food processing industries.Worry free to use the bowls in daily life.
  • LEAK PROOF:Four anti-slip feet make the bowls stable and does not slide easily,also eliminated the impact sound
Pet Zone Designer Diner ADJUSTABLE Elevated Dog Bowls

Pet Zone Designer Diner ADJUSTABLE Elevated Dog Bowls

  • HEALTHY DINING EXPERIENCE: Elevated dog food dish provides a healthy feeding position that aids digestion.
  • REDUCE JOINT STRESS: Using a raised dog feeder helps to reduce stress on joints and bones – this makes our elevated dog bowls perfect for more mature dogs.
  • VERSATILE AND SAFE: When not in use, the legs can be easily removed and tucked under the feeding platform for easy storage.

2. Wine or Champagne Buckets as water bowls for Greyhounds

The water bowl’s position is not the the only thing you might wanna think about.

The other thing is water spill!

Our boy Patch manages to spill water everywhere when drinking. This is why we bought wine buckets which reduce the spilling at least a little bit when Patch is drinking.

For our other Greyhound this works perfectly and there’s almost zero spill when she drinks.

The other positive effect is that such big “water bowls” hold a lot of liquid and you don’t have to refill them as often as smaller or lower bowls.

And as they are stainless steel, we just throw them into the dishwasher every couple of weeks, they fit just perfectly!

This is Patch, showing off his splashing skills →


Our favorite Wine Buckets on Amazon

Stainless Steel Wine/Champagne Bucket for Greyhound

Stainless Steel Wine/Champagne Bucket

  •  18/10 Stainless steel
  • 21 cm/7.5 Inch high & 21 cm/7.5 Inch in diameter
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Satin finish
Winco WB-4 4 Quart Wine Bucket

Winco WB-4 4 Quart Wine Bucket

  • Stainless steel
  • Trusted and reliable
  • Winco products range from tabletop to kitchen utensils to food preparation supplies
  • Winco products are used by all foodservice and hospitality industry experts worldwide

3. Everyday food bowls for your four legged friend

You went on a decadent shopping spree and bought Champagne Buckets out of gold and silver for your dogs and now you you’re wondering which kind of food bowls to get for them?

In case you want something cheaper and more functional as gold and silver, we would suggest to get Stainless Steel Bowls for your doggies.


If your dogs have a normal eating behaviour a few stainless steel bowls might be a good solution.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and it doesn’t emit any kind of plasticizer or similar things that might have a negative effect on your dog’s health.

If the bottom of the bowls have a silicone surface, this will help against the bowls slipping all over the place when the hungry beasts are trying to get the last piece of food out of the corners.

We bought two sets of bowls so we can put them into the dishwasher every now and then and our Greys don’t have to starve to death in the meantime.

Two dog bowls with free meat

Our favorite Non-skid Bowls on Amazon

Nonslip Greyhound Bowls

Stainless Steel Metal Dog Bowls

  •  Sturdy and Durable: These bowls are made from 24 gauge stainless steel, which means they can withstand years of use There are plastic and ceramic dog bowls available on the market.
  • Reliable: On the one hand, The bowls are ultra-strong, your dogs can drop, bite these, and it won’t rust or discolor. On the other hand, These bowls feature a skid proof silicone bottom with extra grip, which means it can stop slide while your pets are eating, also protect your floors
  • Easy-to-clean: Stainless steel is not a porous material, and as a result, food substances do not sink into it. So Our dog bowls are dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand
 OurPets Premium DuraPet Dog Bowl

OurPets Premium DuraPet Dog Bowl

  •  MADE OF HEAVYWEIGHT DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: Durable, long lasting stainless steel bowl offers a healthy alternative to plastic

  • PATENTED SKID-PROOF BOTTOM: The DuraPet Dog Food Bowls are a top-of-the-line design at an affordable price. To prevent skidding, we added a permanent silicone bonded ring to the bottom. This skid-proof design prevents sliding-tipping during feeding time

  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Rust resistant, hygienic and doesn’t hold odors

  • AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES: You are guaranteed to find the perfect size with the OurPets Premium DuraPet Dog Bowls. Available in 5 sizes – 1.25 Cups, 2.25 Cups,7 Cups, 11 Cups & 13 Cups

4. Anti Gulping – Slow Feeder Bowls for dogs

If your dog has problems with bloating this might be due to it’s eating speed.

A Slow Feeder Bowl encourages your pet to eat or drink at a slower pace. This slower pace helps reduce excess air intake, leading to improved digestion and reducing the risk of bloating.

When we got our first Greyhound we thought he was eating much too fast and we thought that we needed him to slow down.

So we got Slow Feeders which slowed him down a bit, especially at the end when the last pieces needed to be “fished” out of the corners.

As we don’t like plastic bowls very much we finally stopped using these Anti-Gulp Bowls and returned to classic Stainless Steel Bowls, see above.

As both our Greyhounds seem to be healthy and happy and we can’t witness any bloating or a lot of passing gas, we are convinced that they are just fine with regular bowls.

But if your dog is suffering from said issues, this might be an easy solution for you to try out!

2 Slow Feeder Bowls filled with fresh dog food

Our favorite Slow Feeder Bowls on Amazon

Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping for Wet or Dry Food

Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping for Wet or Dry Food

  • Solid outer Color; encourages eating and drinking at a slower pace
  • Holds 40.5 fluid ounces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Encourages pet to eat or drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting and bloating
  • Suitable for wet or dry food; Great solution for dogs who eat and drink quickly
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl - Slow Feeder Dog Bowl


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