49 Greyhound Owner Secrets – eBook

The ultimate tips and tricks any Greyhound owner should know!

These are the things we wish someone had told us before we got a Greyhound. It would have made many situations a lot easier for our dog and for us 

  • You already have a Greyhound?

  • You are thinking about getting a Greyhound?

  • You sometimes have trouble understanding your Greyhound’s behaviour?

If you answered one of the questions above with YES, then this eBook is for you!

Greyhound lying on a purple bed

Welcoming a Greyhound to your house is definitely one of the most fulfilling and best decisions of your life! No matter if it is a retired racer, a puppy, or a rescue, you will find out that Greyhounds have a very big heart and will give your life so much love and fun.
They are pretty easy roommates if you take care of their basic needs. You will be getting all the important information a (new) Greyhound Dad, Mum, or sibling needs to know.

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